Is a joke on the Holy Scriptures?

RECENTLY the media has been abuzz with the reports of Pastors doing wonders claiming to be led by the Holy Spirit, but not the kind of wonders we know from the bible. Some disgusting wonders that leave you thinking: are we really taking the prophetic scriptures for a joke?
Surely these are not the kind of signs and wonders the prophet spoke about in Joel 2:28-32 and certainly not the signs mentioned in Mark16:17-18. These are disturbing signs give an example and wonders by these pastors that confuse the gospel of Christ, making it to be some kind of get rich quicker business.
We have seen reports and pictures on the face book page of one of the ministries, the pastor allegedly making congregants eat a snake declaring it a chocolate chomp. Furthermore, the pastor told congregants that he had “the authority to change everything into anything and it will obey because of our authority”. In the pictures uploaded on social media, the pastor can be seen holding a snake while preaching. He further helps some of the congregants, a man and a woman, to open their mouths in anticipation of the snake.
It was also reported earlier this year that he ordered his congregants to take off their clothes before sitting on top of church members and praying for them and he jumped on a female congregate while the rest of the congregation sang and danced in celebration.
It was also reported that the pastor made his congregants eat a weave off a woman congregant’s head. He told them the weave had turned into nutritious food that would do no harm to their health. This certain Pastor is reported to be an understudy of another ministry leader, who made headlines a few years ago for making his congregation eat grass. Last year, it came to light that he had begun making church-goers drink petrol. He told his congregants the petrol would turn into a widely known brand’s flavoured drink.
Also in the past couple of months were reports in the papers of some pastor telling female followers to come to church with no panties on so that the Holy Spirit may be able to penetrate them, as the Holy Spirit may be hindered by the panties the ladies wear to church.
Also one pastor reportedly had instructed all the single ladies in his church who wants to get married to come with him to a beach and he’ll he would kiss their bottoms and as soon as they return to their respective places of residence, the prospective men that were ordained to marry them will come and claim them as a result of his blessing kiss to their bottoms.
While the other pastor told his congregation to give offering starting from R50 to receive blessings. The pastor even declared that giving less than R50 will not bring blessings to congregate. This lead to desperate followers to empty their pockets taking their last monies to give to the church.
Go out and check the life styles of these preachers, they’re living lavishly driving the latest cars and living in the suburbs in multi-million rand houses while the congregates are staying in shacks and government issue houses and toiling away in rent and debt.
Last year there were also reports of church congregates being told to drink petrol and it won’t harm them because it has been changed into juice like the miracle of Jesus in Kanna of Galilee. Some were eating grass believing that it will heal them. We see congregates being video-graphed in these churches half naked and dazed and it is declared that the Holy Spirit is hard at work.
Indeed, Christianity is being insulted and used as a means of making money by these shady pastors and our people are falling for this hideous practice. when will our people learn that miracles are not their only way out of poverty. They’re being day-light-robbed and are falling hard for it.

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